I never thought I'd be actually this worried in the face of things. But here we are.

To know you're trapped in a box, and at the mercy of things just panning over— Sigh.

More and more as I look around, people are silenced, and only a single authorized voice is allowed. Even for a happily withdrawn person like me, this is not comforting.


2 people


That's just the way it is.
When you're in the trenches you have to dig your way out.
It was never fair, and it'll never be fair. But we can do it together,

cause we're here.

Metamodernity: true reconciliation?

How do they all look at metamodernity in positivity.

Sure I take it all in stride, but I can only look at it wistfully.

Reconciliation will only be possible if you give it up.

Accept the fact, that it's all breaking apart.

Don't cling too tight, just hold on to what you can.

Enjoy the light, while you can. Be thankful for what we have.

It sure is nice.

Monday Wework notes

Wework remains tranquil as always.
Hardly a tinge nor notion in the air of any trouble.
But it is brewing indeed.

Takeout has been ordered.

Takeout has been eaten.

Models have been worked on.

A receipt has been taken.

The sun is much closer to the horizon than the meridian.

It's cerulean power is fading, the uranian blue is leaving.

Last night Uranus was a degree north of the moon, now it is bidding goodbye along with today's sun soon.

I suppose the models will continue being worked on, and done someday, hopefully before the next moon.

Fleeting imaginations of a descriptive haiku

It is 3AM
Creative but too tired
It is time to sleep









One must have conviction in themselves.

Seldom shall deep truths present themselves.

Have conviction in your feelings, and feel that truth.

Light Appears

Inside the black box
Inside the dark room
Inside this insidious space which does not scream delight.

A light emerges.
A light that brings warmth and joy to your frozen soul
A light that you'd do anything to protect

Guiding the light through the dark
even if you stay in that dark room
the light is there guiding you too


All you need is a reason


He left immediately.

There was no immense sadness imbued within, this was a clear foregone conclusion established long ago.

He must run, and hope with all his speed he could make it to safety.

Never again will he see the colorful container-ships docked along the solitary port, never again will he visit his grandfather's grave and lament the helpless death of someone too pure for this world. All those places and events only existed in his mind now to provide fuel for rumination. The endless void of infinite space and time connecting everything together gives comfort in the inconsequentiality of physical encounters and actions, yet gives equal despair on the complete inevitable futility of living.
After Yu Dafu and Ng Kim Chew


A meaningful endeavor





 そして、もう一つ私が好きな物は食べ物です。私が今欲しい食べ物で、すぐに考えられるのはラザニアやラーメンやカレーライス やパスタや鰻丼や鍋焼きうどんやちゃんぽん麺や魚豆腐やはらみ肉です。でも先の食べ物の中で、やっぱり一番欲しいのは鰻丼です。 今出来れば、私の上海の家の近くの日本料理店で烏龍茶と鰻丼とサラダ定食が食べたいです。何故ですか。何故なら烏龍茶をガブガブ飲む一瞬は本当に爽快過ぎるし、鰻丼のネバネバも好き過ぎるし、この二つと美味しい特別な平成屋サラダを一緒に食べられるし、その時私は本当に生まれた事が嬉しくて、冥利に尽きます。


(いけ)(そば )









On a bus from Mutianyu to 798 Art District

(...Not wearing a seatbelt is dangerous)

"Come on, you should wear a seatbelt!"

Why wear a seatbelt?

"It's dangerous without one..."

If this bus crashes we'll die anyways

(If this bus crashes you'll have a better chance of survival)

(if this bus crashes I want to be one of the only survivors)

"If this bus crashes I want to be the only one to survive."


Laughter ensues on the bus amongst everyone